About me

I am Brídín. I am a Yoga & Pilates teacher and the founder and creator of Orba. I have always been interested in movement, health and nature. After university, I worked for Fitness First where I got a bug for teaching exercise classes. I discovered Yoga when traveling through Thailand and it was a perfect fit for me. Yoga is a passion. I regularly travel the globe to learn from some of the world’s best teachers so to bring this knowledge to you here at Orba.

I am a huge nature and animal lover. If I am not in the studio, I might be up a mountain, hanging out with some of my animal companions or eating some yummy Vegan food. At Orba my vision is to create a space for people to heal, discover, connect with themselves, with nature and escape from stresses of modern living. Whilst Yoga is my main tool for actioning this vision, I also run many workshops and collaborate with some superstars in the health, wellness, nature and vitality industry to help deepen and enrich your client experience here at Orba. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to Orba. Please check out upcoming activities, browse what is on offer in the luxurious Orba spa, book yourself in for a treat or even plan your own event here at Orba.

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